About us

What do we do?

  • As a professional association, we strive for the legal recognition of osteopathy as a separate profession within the medical care profession. We are the only professional association that allows to permanently cumulate both professions of physiotherapist and osteopath, on the condition that they are honoured as such separately with the appropriate certificates. This is by the way the reason why during the training in the private schools IAO little or no information is given about our professional association. We would be pleased if you could provide this further information to your colleagues and fellow students
  • We strive for the recognition of an evidence based musculoskeletal osteopathy.
  • We strive for a Master education in Osteopathy within the Faculty of Medicine and/or the Motor Sciences.
  • We want an internship training within a training department/hospital recognised by a Faculty of Medicine.
  • We plead for a first line access for osteopathy and this only for practitioners with previous training in physiotherapy or medicine.
  • We plead for a close cooperation and communication between osteopath and (general) physician.
  • We want to guard the competence of the members and the correct execution of the osteopathic profession.
  • We want to promote the relations with all colleagues and all professional associations and strive for a good collegiality

Our professional association is recognised by the Belgian government and is always invited by the official authorities in the negotiations for the recognition.

The membership fee is 275 € / year and after receiving the necessary documents we take care of the official registration, so you will be mentioned on the mutual insurance list of osteopaths and can obtain certificates for provided osteopathic treatment.