About us

What do we do
  • To devote itself to be able to get the official recognition of the profession of osteopath.
  • To devote itself to be able to give equal rights to all practicioners of osteopathy, both full-time osteopaths than those who practice separately the profession of physiotherapist and osteopath.
  • To defend the interests of all the members by representing them at the official bodies.
  • To promote the science of osteopathy and the profession of osteopath by: * organising scientifical activities, refresher courses and permanent out-of-school educations * making the osteopathy more widely known * promoting the therapeutical prospects of the osteopathy at the world of science.
  • To take care of the competency of all the members and make sure theypractise correctly theart of osteopathy.
  • To advance relationship between all colleagues and other professional osteopathic associations.