clarified our strategy

U.K.O. pilot note

In October 2011 the inaugural meeting of the Board "osteopathy" took place. A step forward in the implementation of the Decree on the recognition of non-conventional medicine, called the "Colla Law".

This room is composed of 6 osteopaths, respectively, in the capacity of representative of the legal recognized professional osteopathy and 6 doctors, in their capacity as representatives of the faculties of medicine. Together will be discussed here in any way can be incorporated within the osteopathic medical arsenal.

In order to defend a clear vision within them has a working group developed a pilot notes. This note sets out the strategy of U.K.O. again. Currently, this document is a "draft" version: it is not a final document but is always adaptable according to the responses of our members. We expect, therefore, that the members analyze this release critically and give any comments on our e-mail address


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