23-24-25/02/23 - FICO - Orthomolecular insights: The biochemical missing link in your clinical work

23-24-25/02/23 - FICO - Orthomolecular insights: The biochemical missing link in your clinical work

info & INSCHRIJVINGEN: https://www.osteopathy.academy/nl/node/758

This postgraduate course will widen your osteopathic horizon incredibly. Learn how to understand and treat for example brittle/fragile nails, blefaritis, bleeding gums, epistaxis, migraine, cold limbs, excessive sweating, night sweats, tinnitus, hair loss, … Combine new insights using your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry, … and apply this in your daily clinic. This course is an eyeopener and will boost your therapeutic range beyond expectations.

In the clinic, more and more patients present themselves with complaints based on biochemical factors. Their body cannot cope anymore with the biochemical challenges of the modern world (toxins, vaccination, pollution, high caloric but poor qualitative nutrition,...).

This postgraduate course enables you to recognize & deal with these challenges and will boost your clinical success, based on science and EBP.

This postgraduate course consists of 3 modules, each of 3 days. Each topic of each module is delivered by an expert in the field who combines daily clinical work with teaching.

There are many courses in the field, but this course is different.

The course is open for therapists who have a base in the biochemistry of nutrition, eg. osteopaths. What if you are motivated to follow this course, but you are not a graduated osteopath? Or you are, but this knowledge is rusty? Don't worry, the Fico OA provides an online platform (Campus 11) with 5 online classes in English (included for free) that guide you through: micro & macro nutrients, evolutionary nutrition, the microbiome, allergies & intolerances, organ therapy (per organ a practice based nutritional approach) and introduction to orthomolecular insights.

Each module is delivered in English and is streamed live, so do not worry if Covid measurements prevent you from being physically present. What if you cannot make it that moment? Each course is also recorded in good video & audio quality and available on your Campus 11, where you also find your digital course books, background materials and you can ask your questions to the different teachers, also after the module. What if you were present but the materials were very challenging? Don't worry. The level is high, so you might want to look at the course multiple times to master the topics. On your Campus 11 you go back and forth in the recording as much as you want.

Module 1 kicks off with the intriguing topics: Cellular detox (intoxication & detoxification), Microbiome: development & environmental impact (immunity, chronic pain, inflammation and auto-immune diseases) and Seno-inflammation (metabolic dysregulations: acidification, oxidation, and age-related inflammation). Get ready! Check out the detailed program infra. 

We are living in a world in which increasing pollution, at multiple levels (eg. nutrition, air, microplastics, radiation, heavy metals, medication, drugs, and psychological acidity) challenges the homeostatic balance of the body, potentially leading to illness. The body needs to balance the daily exposure to free radicals and the detoxifying organs.

In this first module you will gain insights in the working mechanisms of both the primary and secondary detoxifying systems of the body and you will learn to recognize the symptoms of accumulation of toxins. Examples are the use of biomarkers and blood analyses. You will gain tools that enable your patients to prevent, cope with and potentially reverse toxification, thus enabling your patients to ‘age well in a toxic world’.

Module 2 continues with spot-on topics: Gut-brain axis, microbiome, sleep, stress and the related psychogenic disorders (insomnia, depression, burn-out,…), digestion and pre-digestion, diagnostics & analysis (orthomolecular blood profile: lab results).

Module 3 will provide you with a very powerful tool for your clinic: ‘Biomarkers’. Biomarkers are tools, developed direct for clinical use. Biomarkers are differential diagnostic parameters, from classical Eastern & Western and osteopathic medicine. Biomarkers enable you to come to a to a global systemic differential diagnosis, and not just to a local symptomatic diagnosis: Osteopathy at its full potential. Examples of biomarkers are functional blood analysis, the diagnostics of tongue, pulse, face, skin, tooth, the linking with emotions and organ-related psyche and trigger points. An example of the daily clinic is a patient presenting herself with painful gums during sport activities. Biomarkers will help you to reveal and treat the essence of the problem. After 2 days on biomarkers, day 3 covers Obesities & glucose metabolism deficiencies, how to prevent and treat. You will be enabled to understand the pathogenesis and make a difference in this condition that effects more and more patients.


Save the dates (or watch the recordings afterwards and ask all your questions online):

Module 1: Thursday to Saturday 27-28-29/10/22

Module 2: Thursday to Saturday 23-24-25/02/23

Module 3: Thursday to Saturday 1-2-3/06/23

Meer info: https://www.osteopathy.academy/nl/node/758

Locatie: FICO Antwerp, 

Prijs: 550 per module, all included. If you subscribe for all 3 modules you get a reduction and you pay 1500€ instead of 1650€

KMO-portefeuille: ja

Certificaat: the participant receives a certificate per module

Accreditatie: no accreditation requested, all professional groups welcome