Osteopathy today

In Belgium, a competent osteopath has followed a professional post gradual formation enduring several years. In this way, he attained a profound medical knowledge to examine and treat the patients with the necessary know how. He is supposed to continually update his knowledge and competence through refresher courses and permanent formations to be able to give his patients a qualitative treatment.


Since 2007, an osteopathic treatment is refunded by the health services. One step forward in the official acknowledgement of the discipline. 

. To enjoy a refund, the osteopath needs to comply with different standards:


  • The osteopath needs to have written a thesis and possess final diploma osteopathy, accepted by the health services.
  • He/She needs to have professional liability insurance for osteopathy during the whole period that he/she is active as an osteopath.
  • The osteopaths who also practice physiotherapy need to sign a statement saying they do not charge physiotherapy Riziv/Inamiprestation if the patient already receives a “certificate for osteopathy” for the treatment prior to this day.
  • The osteopath delivers at each treatment a fully completed universal certificate that can be used by all health cares.

The refund is calculated per person and is done on the base of the certificate delivered by the osteopath. The total of the refunds is limited to a number of 5 for one calendar year.