What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a specific holistic manual therapy that mainly treats musculoskeletal dysfunctions and other functional traumas. This form of holistic healing was developed by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (Kirksville, Missouri, USA). The osteopathy is based on the philosophy that all parts of the human body form one functional unity. If anywhere, a movement restriction (blockade) occurs, the rest of the body will adapt itself and compensate to still be able to function in a normal way. These changed tensions, movement restrictions or blockades will eventually lead to physical complaints like infections, pain, stiffness and other symptoms, for example head aches, digestion difficulties and respiration complaints.

On the basis of several manual techniques, these traumas are treated, the self healing activity is started and the body can bring itself back in balance in a natural way.

During their education, osteopaths develop a real fine pressure and palpation sensitivity in their fingers. They only examine the patients manually, without making use of any instrument. The different structures are being treated softly and painlessly.

Nevertheless, osteopathy is not a miracle therapy en does not have the ambition to overtake traditional medicine. Because of its holistic vision, the osteopathy is the ideal complementary cure, which offers results in a lot of cases where traditional medicine does not because of its symptomatological treatment